About us

I enjoyed travelling since as long as I can remember and photography to me is just like an extension of that wanderlust. We all love to amaze others with our experiences and photography helps me show my vision to others.

I have also been blessed by the fact that in my short time on this planet I have been able to do some travelling and stay at some of the most beautiful places in the world. I was born at a place many consider as one of the most beautiful natural paradises of the world, Kerala to parents who at that time owned a portrait studio. To my parents it was just a means of survival but I had a chance to grow up among old cameras and lenses and dusty cupboards full of developed film strips and proofs. This might be a coincidence but I developed an early appreciation for the art of photography at a young age and it has held a special place my heart since then.


I usually shoot nature and landscapes with a bit of wildlife at zoos, weird considering the fact I lived 18 years about 30 minutes from one of the largest Bengal Tiger Reserves in India. But I hope to change that soon when I visit my home country again. Previously I used to avoid photographing people and events but I had an interesting opportunity to shoot my own post wedding/engagement sessions and I had a blast doing it with couple of lenses, a tripod and a wireless trigger. My goal for the future is to get a lot better at photographing people and the wonderful moments of their lives and hopefully to keep exploring the amazing sights of this world with my better half.